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Cauliflower Chaffle Recipe

What is Chaffle? Chaffles are waffles made with Keto approved ingredients. The classical Chaffle recipe requires only two ingredients; Cheese and Eggs. So the name Chaffle is an abridged term for “Cheese Waffle”. Anyone can mix cheese with eggs and pour it into a waffle maker. Easy keto hacks which do not require any culinary…

Ketosis and Weight Loss

Over the years, many diets have promised significant weight loss and improvements in body composition. Most diet work around the idea of maintaining a “Caloric Deficit”. A caloric deficit diet follows a principle of eating fewer total calories per day than what your body requires for normal functioning. To maintain our weight, most of us require…

Keto Lemon Sugar Cookies

There are very few Keto hacked recipes where the Keto recipe tastes better than the traditional recipe. “Keto Lemon Cookies” is one such recipe. When the main hack is to replace the plain flour with Almond Flour; the resulting dish has to be yummier. :D) These Keto cookies with almond flour have a perfectly tangy,…

Keto Fried Cheese Sticks

With winter approaching in most parts of the world, this Ketogenic recipe could very likely become the Keto snack of the season. This Keto fried cheese recipe is an Indian styled spicy Keto cheese stick. The recipe is quite filling because of cottage cheese being the principal ingredient. One can enjoy this snack with their…

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