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Here's Everything That's Included
With Each Fast Start Blog Package:

Custom Blog Design and Choice of Layouts

This is where people really get stuck. You need a "front end" for your blog, or what's known as a "theme". And there are thousands and thousands of themes available to choose from. That alone can be overwhelming. And if you get a good quality one, you'll need to pay for it.

I eliminate all the headaches for you by using one of the best, high-quality framework themes on the market.  Then I work my magic on it and create a beautiful, custom look just for your business. You'll never have to worry about your theme being outdated since I pay a license fee to keep it current and updated for every WordPress version. I also offer you over a dozen choices of designs for your blog, as well as a choice of four layouts for your blog posts. (You choose the color or I can do that for you.) There's no right or wrong answer. Just choose what looks good to you and I'll do all the design work to make it look great to your visitors!

I add in a lot of little extras, like design elements that you can easily add to your article content to draw attention with things like boxes, pull quotes, line dividers and more. Those are easy to add from a drop down menu in your post editor. I also focus on little things like margin spacing, font spacing and page width to make sure your blog is not only eye-pleasing, but easy for your visitors to read and navigate around.

$399 Value


Professional Branding/Custom Logo Design


I specialize in simple but professional-looking logos that help convey your business concept to your visitors. I've designed hundreds of logos over the years and I often get it right on the first try. I'll match the color to your blog design and choose a font that works well for your business idea.

I'll make sure the final product suits you and the brand of your site. Don't worry... I offer three revisions at no extra charge to make sure I get it the way you want it.

$195 Value

Secure, Professional Installation and Configuration of WordPress

WordPress is the easy way to manage your online content. This is the "engine" that makes your blog work.  While this can be an automated process, I still prefer to do this manually and add my own settings for added security features that better protects your blog than by the automated process that everyone else does. This includes setting up your site navigation menus, installation and configuration of all the necessary plugins and modules you'll need to run your site, page widgets and more. There are over a dozen hand-picked, specially selected plugins that I use to make your blog run smoothly and efficiently. I do all the configuration of each plugin for you.  I set it all up for you and handle the technical details that could have you pulling your hair out and wasting your time. You'll be able to login to your own admin area where you can easily add your articles, images, videos... whatever content you want.

$125 Value


I Pay for Premium Software and Plugin Fees


I don't go throwing money around, but I do believe in paying for high-quality, well-supported premium plugins and software when called for. That saves time and money in the long run and ensures that my customers get stable, secure websites that will always be updated and supported.

Your new blog will be running on a variety of supporting pieces of software to keep things running smooth and to make your blogging tasks as easy as point and click. The premium software that I use requires yearly usage fees that cost me around $700/yr. That's what you would have to pay if you purchased the same software on your own. I list all of the software that I use in your Member's area, so you'll be able to check that yourself and see that I'm not just giving you a sales pitch.

I'll take care of all of the fees associated with the premium software. All you'll have to do is periodically update the software to the latest version when prompted.

$700 Value

Your Blog Will Be Mobile Optimized

Over 60% of Internet users are on mobile devices, so your site has to be responsive, meaning, that it can be viewed easily on a mobile or tablet device. All of my designs are mobile-ready, so not only are your visitors happy, so is Google.

Proper mobile optimization goes beyond just having a theme that looks good on mobile. Extra time is needed to ensure that all other elements, like subscribe forms, images, backgrounds, etc, are also displaying properly on mobile devices. These often require separate settings and adjustments to correctly display on mobile devices.

$125 Value


Social Media Integration


Social sharing is a powerful way to get more visitors to your site. But you have to make it easy for them to do it. There's lots of solutions for adding social sharing buttons and icons to your blog, and many of those solutions are free. But like anything, you get what you pay for. That's why I include a premium social sharing solution that I pay to license for my customers. It's one of the best products on the market and you'll be pleased with the professional and eye-catching design of the buttons and follow me options.

$89 Value

Security and Site Speed Enhancements

If you're going to have a blog online, you're going to have to make Google happy. Google wants your site fast, and they want it secure. They make their money selling advertising and they don't want their advertisers unhappy with slow and unsecured sites that irritate visitors. I use a mix of plugins and manually added code to your blog to make sure your visitors get fast loading, secure pages, which makes Google happy too.

$195 Value


Custom Mailing List Subscription Forms


Here's another area that can be a real headache if you don't know what you're doing. It's hard enough just choosing a lead subscribe solution that works well in your blog, then you have to create attention-getting forms so your visitors will be interested in joining your mailing list.  You have to be part nerd and part creative to put something together that gets the attention of your visitors. Never fear... I'll do all of this for you. I've tried virtually every solution available and I've narrowed it down to the best one for building your mailing list. It's another premium solution that I license so that you don't have to.

$197 Value

Drag and Drop Page Builder

How would you like to build a page like the one you're viewing right now? You can, with the powerful drag and drop page builder that I'm including in this package. It's the very same builder I used to create this page and it works seamlessly with the theme your site is built on. I even include over a dozen video tutorials to show you how to do that easily. You can build your own sales pages, e-commerce store, testimonials page and more. I'll even include dozens of templates as starter pages and you just change the text and images!

$199 Value


Built-in Shortcodes and Monetization Features


I mentioned earlier that I include a very powerful premium page builder that makes it easy to create custom pages and posts with drag and drop ease. But sometimes, you may just want to add a quick button, or a text panel with a colored background, or icons, or a spacing divider, or a quick testimonial or other elements to your post or page. You can do that by simply choosing a shortcode from a drop-down menu and insert it directly into your post or page. There's a number of these to choose from and it makes adding custom, eye-catching elements to your page easily.

Then, at some point, you may want to add advertising to your blog posts or pages to monetize your blog. Normally, this would require special development to add that kind of functionality to your theme. But I've made this as easy as adding your advertising code (banners, text links, images, YouTube, etc) to a box, choose the alignment and click update. Your ads will now appear in your posts or pages automatically.

$47 Value

Built-in Web Traffic and Content Generator

I'm including a module in your private Admin area of your blog that gives you ideas and inspiration to hlepyou create compelling, relevant and timely information for your site. It uses the keywords of your choice to generate keywords that others are buying, and article ideas. It uses that keywords to pull relevant news feeds from Google and Yahoo answers.

$47 Value


Specialty Pages Setup


You'll need a few special pages to start with and I'll set those up for you. I'll create your About, Contact, Privacy, Disclaimer and any additional pages (up to 10 others of your choice). I'll create a custom contact form that your visitors can use to get in touch with you without exposing your email address. Then I'll add these pages to your navigation menus on your blog.

$49 Value

Built-in Simple Membership Pages

You may decide at some point to offer a private membership to your site visitors/subscribers. WordPress allows you to do this without an expensive investment in premium plugins that are often difficult to configure. If you want to offer a very simple free or paid membership program where people register on your site and access protected content, I've already got you covered. I've already built the necessary pages, like your Member Registration, Member Dashboard, Member Login, and other necessary pages. And I'll show you how to set that up at your Customer Portal area. If you decide later that you need more power and features, I'll recommend the best solutions for that in your Customer Portal Resources area.

$47 Value


Over 80 WordPress Tutorial Videos and a PDF Training Manual


My Fast Start Blog package includes the installation of over 80 bite-sized tutorial videos that show you how to use various features of WordPress. The videos are always updated whenever WordPress issues an update, so you'll always have the most current version to learn from. The videos are installed in your WordPress Admin area so that you can access them while you're working in the Admin area. And if you prefer reading over watching videos, I also include a written PDF manual with screenshots that you can learn from instead.

$99 Value

Automated Secure Backups to Amazon Cloud Storage

This is one of those tasks that every blog owner should perform but rarely does. That's because it's usually a pain and very nerdy. You have to install a plugin. Then you have to configure it so that it "talks" to your backup source to regularly make a copy of your blog files. Then you have to set up a cloud service where the files will be stored securely. You can spend a lot of time trying to figure that out, but not with my service. I do all of that for you and I make sure that your blog is backed up weekly on my secure account at Amazon. Just one less thing for you to have to worry about.

$47 Value


Fast Start Blog Customer Portal and Resource Center


I could just do all the hard work of creating your blog and hand you the keys and wish you well. But I also offer help in getting you started with adding content to your new blog. I can't add your content for you, but I can help you to get a fast start with high quality resources in my Fast Start Blog Customer Portal area. My Fast Start B.L.O.G Content course is a 36 module package, loaded with headline starters, content ideas, checklists, blueprints and much more. I also have a bunch of step-by-step guides called Fast Start Blog How-To to show you how to do specific tasks on your blog. Plus, I have links to all kinds of free resources like free image sites, graphics, videos and more in my Fast Start Blog Toolbox. It's everything you need to launch and grow a successful blog.

$197 Value

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