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How to lose weight really fast on Keto

Following a ketogenic diet is one of the most effective ways to lose weight. The nature of a keto diet is such that one can expect their bodies to reach ketosis within 48 hours.

The time taken by your body to reach ketosis will depend on your body type and your keto meal plan. Also, initially, it may appear that you are losing weight faster since your body cannot retain much water. However, a few weeks into the diet, the weight loss gets stabilised. On a correct keto diet, one is expected to lose around 10 pounds within the first month.

Since the Keto diet is a difficult diet to follow, it is common for people to get frustrated with slow weight loss. This frustration may lead them to use ketogenic pills or increase their exercise routine. Both the above methods may be counterproductive and may harm you even more.

What is the solution? Are there any good keto practices to lose weight fast?

Today we are going to look into eight specific tips on how to get into ketosis fast!

A proper ketogenic meal plan should get your body into ketosis within 48 hours. To get there, you must correctly adapt to the keto diet.

The next eight tips will help you to achieve just that and take your body into the stage of ketosis faster:

Tip 1: A vital tip is to eat less than 20g of carbohydrates in a day. There is no better way to reach the stage of ketosis.

Tip 2: Drink lots of water, about 100 ounces per day is ideal. Drink more to lose more.

Tip 3: Purchase some Ketones.
Since the keto diet is difficult for beginners, it will be wonderful to get some validation that the food is working. Consuming some natural ketones might be just the solution you are looking for.

Tip 4: Do not let the keto flu scare you.
Be aware of the keto flu coming your way. You may experience mood swings in the first three days of switching over to this diet. Many of you may also experience fatigue, dizziness and irritability.

Treat yourself with bacon and delicious keto-friendly foods as you crave Sugars & Carbs. The craving is less likely to bother you when you are full.

Tip 5: Do consume more sea salt. Don’t neglect this! Since you are on a keto diet, your body does not retain water as it usually would; hence, electrolytes like sodium quickly flush out of your body.

Hence, constant replenishing of salts is required; otherwise, you will feel awful. As indicated earlier, opt for sea salt.

Tip 6: Never stay hungry for long periods.
When you feel the first hint of a hunger pang, immediately have high-fat, low-carb foods.

The moment you feel too hungry, it forms the temptation pathway.

Remember: Go simple and one step at a time. Do not over plan things because when you do, you may end up making everything less fun. You will have a higher chance of success when you enjoy your keto diet.

Tip 7: Remember: this is not a high protein diet.
The keto diet is high fat, low carb, and moderate protein diet. Moderate is the keyword here.

Tip 8: Embrace the fat.
Eat fat to lose fat that is your new motto. Do not shy away from the fat because it is your ticket to a healthier you. Do watch other videos of this channel to know how Keto diet can improve your overall health.

There is not much risk in keeping your body in ketosis for short periods. It is still advisable to consult your physician before you change to a ketogenic lifestyle.

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