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How to Make the Perfect Keto Bread

Like most of you, I am a bread lover too!

 A bread made from refined flour contains 20 grams of carbs. The high level of carbs meant that I could not eat bread in my ketogenic meal plan.  But isn’t a keto diet supposed to be fun? There has to be a way to enjoy my burgers without increasing the carbs.

 Most online recipes resulted in a crumbly bread. Some methods that worked had a lot of ingredients and a cumbersome preparation process. None of these could match up to the taste and feel of regular bread.

Luckily, I finally found a recipe that works like a charm. The texture is perfect, tastes like a regular bread without leaving an aftertaste and has a good shelf life too!

Am excited to share this perfect keto bread recipe with you.

The flour used for this recipe is a combination of Blanched almond flour and psyllium husk. 

Keto Bread Ingredients

 You may add sesame seeds or herbs of your choice to this recipe. Directions

  1. Mix the dry ingredients ( Almond flour, Psyllium husk powder and Baking Powder) thoroughly in a bowl.  
  2. Transfer the mixture to a dough kneader and add-in the egg whites, water and cider vinegar.
  3. Mix the ingredients at high speed for 30-40 seconds. If you are making the dough manually, use just your fingers to mix in the wet ingredients.
  4.  When ready, your dough should be of a “play-dough” consistency. 
  5. Roll your dough and place them on a silicon mat brushed with olive oil. If you do not have a silicon mat, use parchment paper. This recipe will make four large buns or six medium-sized buns.
  6. Sprinkle the buns with sesame seeds or herbs of your choice. 
  7. Bake at 350 degrees Fahrenheit for 45-50 minutes. 
  8. Apply egg wash or brush with butter for that glossy look. 

It’s time to enjoy your keto bread with your favourite spread. This low-carb Keto bread is gluten-free, and each bread roll has only 2 grams of carbs. 

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